Cuir Sellerie

Our Mission

We are an independent, impartial cash suggestions service readily available to everybody. Our five-year goal is to minimize the variety of individuals in issue financial obligation and we'll do that by assisting 5 million more individuals to stay with a budget plan to improve their durability to monetary shocks, and by doubling the variety of individuals looking for financial obligation suggestions, to 3 million individuals a year.
We provide recommendations and details online, over the phone and face to face. We offer a one stop, totally free and objective service to the public, on all loan matters, provided straight, multi-channel and in collaboration with others; we money our complimentary financial obligation recommendations partners and lead on the Financial Ability Technique.
We run efficiently and authoritatively by being an effective, well-run and continually-improving company with the best values, abilities, proficiencies and resources to be successful in the job. Have a look at our organizational chart to see how you'll suit.

About us!

Over the last few months I have taken massive action in making sure that my finances are in check and that every dollar I spend monthly is accounted for. A penny saved is a penny earned. I truly believe in evaluating services and vendors at least annually to make sure that you have your money working for you as efficiently as possible.